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Who We Are

Anchor Strategy Group® is an award-winning consulting firm based in California. We collaborate with leading companies to drive growth and create value using high-impact strategic planning.  Our Total Clarity Blueprint® offers the foundational elements required to define and articulate all three levels of strategy: corporate strategy, business strategy, and functional strategy. This framework acts as a unifying factor, bringing together all stakeholders around a well-defined strategic plan, providing focus and organizational alignment with decision-making and execution.

If you’re ready to drive growth and value creation, we can help.




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As a team, our company and client roster includes


Industry Expertise

While our methods prove effective across diverse industries, our team specializes in the following sectors with profound expertise: Biotechnology, Healthcare Technology, Precision Medicine, Digital Health, Medical Devices, Skincare Sciences and Devices, Women's Health, Personal Care, and Nutrition & Wellness.


Focused Insights
Join our community today to access cutting-edge insights on growth strategy and the transformative trends shaping the future of business.

Blue Skies

Business Problems Our Clients Face

Running a sustainable and profitable business in today's ever-changing business and economic environments isn't easy. Trust us, you're not alone. Did you know that 74% of executives lack confidence in their business strategy, and 88% of teams think leaders lack a clear strategic plan they can follow. The dynamic and competitive nature of the marketplace demands constant introspection and refinement of your business strategies and growth trajectories – aspects that are often overlooked in the face of day-to-day business demands. Winning is an intentional act; it doesn't just happen by accident.


Nine out of ten clients have experienced the following:

  • Struggle to articulate what they do, why they do it, and their long-term goals.

  • Lack a defined plan for growth and value creation, merely aiming for survival.

  • Often pursue actions that deviate towards short or medium-term goals without tracking defined metrics.

CEO Essentials

First-Time CEO Playbook: Strategies For Accelerated Growth


This playbook is your comprehensive guide to the multifaceted role of a first-time CEO. It covers crucial aspects such as avoiding growth-hindering pitfalls, recognizing the severe consequences of CEO burnout, and mastering essential strategies for driving rapid expansion and creating enduring value. Whether you're at the helm of an established organization or a pioneering startup, this playbook equips you with insights into effective leadership, innovative approaches, and sustainable decision-making. 

Ready for What's Coming

Anchored in Knowledge: Our 2024 List of Business Books to Shape Your Strategy

Explore Anchor Strategy Group's meticulously curated Business Reading List for 2024. Delve into a captivating collection that spans a diverse spectrum of subjects, from the ever-relevant field of AI to our perennial favorite – all things strategy. The journey extends further into the all-encompassing realm of digitalization. These recommended books offer more than just a glimpse into the future; they provide optimism and an opportunity for introspection into uncharted territories of self-discovery and global understanding. Our aspiration is for these literary selections to unveil novel insights, ignite inspiration, or even provide a tranquil escape on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Secure your live link for the late fall 2023 release!

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