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Anchor Strategy Group® is an award-winning boutique consulting firm with offices in San Diego, California.

We bring to the table extensive experience
in Strategic Planning & Business Storytelling designed to help companies build business clarity, stand out and boost sales.

We support a diverse clientele focused on small to medium sized businesses and venture capital/private equity firm portfolio companies.

We also offer customized strategies for clients who have an exit or succession goal in mind. Our practical and affordable framework, Total Clarity Blueprint® assists executives in gaining a crystal-clear direction for themselves and their businesses.

This framework unites everyone around a clear plan, compelling message and a strategic roadmap, enabling them to reach their goals effectively.




Our Vision

To  empower over 100 businesses annually, enabling them to surpass their limits and unlock their utmost potential for themselves, their partners, customers, and teams.


Our Values

To strive to embody our core values of smarts, smiles, and impact by being inspirational, disciplined, accountable, transparent, aligned, and results-oriented in every action we take.


Our Mission

To guide these businesses toward success, assisting them in articulating their purpose, mission, and values with confidence and determination.


Meet our team

Alisa Marie Beyer

CEO & Managing Partner

Alisa is a seasoned executive with over two decades of experience in business strategy, B2B marketing, consumer insights, and customer analytics. Her expertise lies in delivering a profound impact on intricate and innovative client challenges, fostering a clear sense of purpose for their businesses. She is recognized for her ability to guide companies through transitions, steering them from confusion to clarity. Alisa specializes in shaping strategies for high-growth companies, with a particular focus on being an expert in the realm of complex B2B products and services. She excels in constructing compelling business cases and strategic plans

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