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If you're a CEO or Founder, especially if you're new to the role, navigating turbulent business waters and striving to drive market demand and accelerate sales for start-up to mid-sized companies without burning out yourself, your team or your resources, you’re in the right place.


Are you asking yourself,

  • Do I have the right strategy?

  • What messages will convert to sales?

  • Why isn't it working?

  • Is the story clear?

  • Is my team working on the right things?


Don't worry, we've been there time and time again. 

We Help B2B Companies Drive Market Demand And Accelerate Sales With Powerful Strategy & Storytelling.




The Compass Collective: Join over 100,000 CEOs & Founders Navigating Toward Growth.

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About Anchor Strategy Group
We tackle one business problem: achieving REAL GROWTH without the burnout.

Our secret sauce? Utilizing our Anchor Strategy Framework™, we specialize in helping CEOs and their teams articulate streamlined business strategies and narratives, even for complex or difficult-to-understand products and services. Our approach motivates action by offering a concise strategy and a compelling story that aligns and resonates with everyone.

The best part: we are highly confident and offer a 100% happiness guarantee. If we fail to deliver on our promises, you receive a no-questions-asked refund.

“Clients come to us overwhelmed with determining the right strategy because they face challenges in multiple areas: cutting through the noise with complex products, maintaining a consistent sales story and messaging, improving conversions, and successfully entering new markets amidst competition.”

- Alisa Marie, CEO & Founder
Anchor Strategy Group

Our Solutions for Real Growth Without The Burnout

We tailor to your company's needs, stage, revenue, goals, and budget.

Blue Skies

Let's Work Together

Every business needs a strategy and a story to drive real growth. Let's discuss how we can help clarify and activate yours.


Our services are not for everyone and we only take on clients who are in the position to benefit and grow. We are not about wasting your time or money, we promise!

Book a discovery call with Alisa Marie.

Sweet Taste of $

FREE Monthly Live Webinars

Join live webinars on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, running from 8 AM PST to 8:50 PST.


As a service to our community of business executives, entrepreneurs, and those flirting with the idea, we are proud to sponsor this SWEET & FREE live monthly event. 

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Coffee, Cookies & Cash

Master the Sweet Recipe for Attracting Money to Your Company

"I get it, trust me. Raising money can be frustrating, overwhelming, and demanding. It takes time, energy, and effort. Finding the right investor and opening doors is difficult. Rejections test resilience and demoralize along the way. Balancing fundraising with other responsibilities is a painful juggling act. Ultimately, it's a complex and unpredictable journey that demands unwavering determination."  

Alisa Marie, CEO & Founder

 Anchor Strategy Group

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